Tears of the Ascendant

Mission One: Part 4

Promises Kept, Secrets Not

Wet and wounded the party regroups. The cleric heals the rest of the party and they trudge on. After a short time another noise alerts them. A humanoid noise of clanking armor. It is a paladin fleeing a group of sewer crocodiles. The heroes help the paladin put down the troublesome sewer vermin and introduces herself. During the meet and greet a startling transformation takes place and the paladin and the cleric undergo a metamorphosis into beautiful celestial beings (very very aasimar). Some discussion with each other revealed they had similar tales of parental abandonment with the temple of Saerenre at the same time. The striking resemblance made it the obvious conclusion that they were siblings separated at birth. The reunion they decided should wait until their task was done. The paladin having been after the thugs the party dispatched earlier stayed with the group.
Only a short distance from where they met the paladin, the druid gingerly scared off a dire rat, and the part proceeded to disable the traps and climb the ladder into the lower level of the enemy base. Once there Netea spotted a trap they were not tipped off about and avoided raising an alarm. Dispatching two sleeping agents of Norgorber they party made their way upstairs, this time without surprise. As Netea rounded the corner a crossbow caught her with an incredibly solid hit (dropping her immediately to 2 hp). Russel retaliated blowing off the head of the young woman with the crossbow but suffering a drain that nearly debilitated her. Netea charged the enemy dark priest who channeled energy but perhaps because of the distraction caused by his girlfriend collapsing in a heap he was not on his game as his channel only did 3 points hitting most of the party (everyone but the gnome and paladin saved for 1 point). He survived a nasty series of attacks to channel again, this time getting 9 damage, enough to down everyone but Netea who had been healed and Russel who was out of range but of little combat use still. With a final desperate swing before he channeled a killing blow she dropped the dark priest. The cleric was revived and the party received what healing was left. Looting the place they found a good sized cache of gold and the stone head.
Returning the stone head to Levera the Red they are rewarded greatly with gold and a masterwork item (weapon, light armor or two tools). They return to House Avenstar victorious, and bloodied.


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